Chatham Island work
works exhibited at Pataka Porirua  2010

Volcanic Cones Chatham Island 1 300 x 900mm oil on canvas

Volcanic Cones Series   600 x 1200mm oil & mixed media on board

Chatham Island Monoprints
These were exhibited at Solander gallery  2010
Ohira  series  Mono print 2010 A3

Outcrop at Maunganui 260 x 370mm

Antarctic Works
Ambiguous Spaces   Te Toi Poneke 2006
Ambiguous spaces installation views  2006

Ambiguous Spaces   Te Toi Poneke 2006

Floating  World Series  400 x 1200mm oil on Board  private collection  2006

Fragments eroded ice formations 2000 370 x 1000mm oil on board private collection. Exhibited Dowse Art Museum 2002  

Pt1 aerial Views @ 1.5m 250 x 650mm oil on board collection Victoria University 2004

Installation View:   Tented spaces Christchurch Art Gallery 2003-4

Echoes 3 Oil on Board   300mm x 900mm Private Collection 2003

Pyramids group pt 1 750 x 600mm private Collection Chicago 2003

The Journey Pt 3 Cape Bird 600 x 1800mm oil on board 1999 private collection

The journey Cape Bird 600 x 2400mm oil on board 1999 private collection 

Floating World Series Pt 1 1999   500 x 1500mm oil on Board Private   collection  1999

Eroded ice formations Cape Bird 1999 400 x 1400mm private collection 

Mt Ngaruhoe from Mt Tongariro 1999 400 x 2400mm oil on board  private collection

Coastal profiles oil on canvas 1995  2400 x 1000mm collection Manawatu Art Gallery

Coastal Profiles Wanganui 2 250 x 1200mm 1994 collection Sarjeant Gallery  oil and pastel on canvas

Recaimed space 1 800 x 1200mm oil on canvas coll Lincoln university

Eroding Defences 1986  1500 x 1800mm oil on linean

Eroding Defences  2000 x 1100mm 1990 oil on canvas Collection of Victoria University 

Wairarapa Shipwreck   2001 oil on board  200 x 500mm

Wairarapa Shipwreck   2001 oil on board  200 x 500mm

Frames on the land 2  600 x 400mm oil on canvas